Link Ticket Category to task Category

Hugo Teixeira 8 years ago updated by Jérôme STIVAL 8 years ago 4

I'm talking of the Ticket task on processing that aren't linked and they are only used in the Ticket task.
It's only to put a new field in the database of the Ticket task category with the id of the ticket category, and when creating a new Ticket task we filter the combo.


Do you mean that task categories will be a kind of ticket sub-categories?




Is someting like that

Example :

Ticket category : Account Management

Task Category : Change Password, New Account, Password Reset, ...

then you may use sub-categories for each ticket category: this is what we are doing.

Cela rejoint une de mes demandes à savoir que lorsqu'on créé un ticket en fonction de la catégorie, il va affecter automatiquement une liste de tache pré-définit, non ?

This repointing One of my requests know what ticket when created not according to the category, it will automatically Assign pre-June spot Sets list, right?