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Please write in english on this website

It would be perfect !!!

It is not part of inventory asset, it is a part of changes process from ITIL.

GLPI provides changes tool and my requests come from ITIL processes.

These request would improve the changes to be more close to ITIL processes.

IT would be a plugin as well.

I think it would be firstly for tickets search.

A plugin needs to be updated in adding to GLPI update. that is the only reason of my request.

The plugin works perfectly no issue on this side.

Yes I talk about this wiki. The target is to update procedures.

Actually we can set up one recipient (or a group) who will receive all mails for notification about contract.

The idea is allowing to chose which mail notification to send for each contract or each contract type. So, The network team will receive the alerts for each network end of contract, The Operation Team will receive only mails which they have been concerned, etc.... Everybody will not be advised at each time.

Before a plugin allowing to add a plan task to his outlook calendar has existed.

Actually we can open outlook calendar but in another calendar. This is not easy for each technician calendar management.

Is it possible to implement this feature ?

Please, write in english