Your comments

I think this is not a new feature but an important bug. Why ? If a user A

decides to schedule your task on another time slot, he or she has the

option of extending the duration to 100h ???? Which is absurd.

Our mode of operation is: user A creates a ticket, technician B schedules the task over a period of one hour on a specific date.

This sends an email to user A. Then, user A has the possibility to

modify the time slot of his scheduled intervention because he is not

available on this date. Suddenly he has the possibility of modifying the

task over a longer period than that which was planned.

This is a bug, it must be possible to be able to prohibit an overlap of

tasks. There it is just attention there is another task. The technician

is totally lost afterwards in his schedule

Thank you for telling me if this will be done because for us it is a feature very expected

We would like to have an export button in excel or pdf format for the GANTT chart.

This would be a good feature at the project management level to show our superiors the A3 paper format.

Thanking you in advance.