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This doesn't seem related at all to Kanban, but instead would be a global restriction. The Kanban is just a different way to view tickets/projects/etc. We would have to add global options for restricting the number of project tasks that can be in a specific status at the time and then that would affect the regular form UI, gantt view and the Kanban.

There is currently no way to add new remote management types in the GLPI interface. If you know which additional options you need, you can open a PR to have them added to GLPI.

Example PR for GLPI core:

Example PR for adding ability to collect remote management info using GLPI Agent:

This information (at least a primary IMEI) is indeed collected by the GLPI Agent, but not currently implemented on the GLPI server side. I would say that since it is a device identifier, the solution may be to add a new field directly in the Phone type. However, multi-SIM devices complicate this because then there are multiple and the numbers seem like they would be linked to SIM card slots rather than globally for the phone or SIM cards themselves. If it is required to link them to SIM cards depending on which slot they are in, it could be more complicated.

Newer versions of GLPI contain the item name in the browser tab name now. For tickets, the subject would be exposed publicly.

While interesting, would this not expose information to unauthenticated users unless only generic data is used?

The title would have to always be just "GLPI" and there is no generic description that would fit everyone's needs.

There is a native English (American) speaker on the GLPI development team as of 2020 and we have been fixing some of the little discrepancies in the default en_GB text in GLPI itself and plugins, translated the user documentation to English, and more.

Yes. As far as I can tell, this has existed since at least 0.85.

Partially implemented.

When creating a child location or child-entity, it will copy the geolocation data from the parent item if it exists. This doesn't affect locations or entities which are already created though.

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