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GLPI + Mandrillapp in SMTP

Juan Fernando Villa Hernández 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

Enable the option to send the emails by Mandrill app https://mandrillapp.com/


GLPI + Linkedin

Juan Fernando Villa Hernández 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

Fill the information on every filed in the profile of the user is very boooored. So will be very cool if glpi have a option for fill this fields with Linkedin information.


Manual para GLPI

Juan Fernando Villa Hernández 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

Si consigo 5 personas que me apoyen con tiempo y conocimiento, me pondre a realizar un manual lo más completo posible sobre la adecuación del entorno, instalación, configuración, parametrización, implementación y ajustes del GLPI completamente en Español y liberado bajo Licencia Creative Commons y hecho desde Cero.

Quien se apunta? A quien le interesa? Quien apoya esta iniciativa?

No que siempre dicen que el GLPI no tiene buenos manuales conocidos? es hora mis amigos de cambiar esta situación! escucho propuestas!


Can't "transfer and merge" a category from a root entity to a child entity

jgandit 9 years ago updated by Megachip 5 years ago 1

It would be great if we could "transfer and merge" a category from a root entity to a child entity. At the moment, we can only do it from a child entity to a root entity. Thx


No satisfaction survey if i opened and solve the ticket

Javier Samaniego 9 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

When i open and solve a ticket I should not respond the satisfaction survey.


About projects / project tasks (with incident and changes)

Kurt Leën 9 years ago updated by CDuv 9 years ago 2
I like what you have done in 0.85 (and 0.9) that you can assign a ticket to a project task. (easy to register tickets for projects that are still being implementend)

I also like that time of the tasks in the incident tickets is added to the project task

Image 8

What I’m still missing, is to add the ticket directly to the project task.
If you look in the ticket there is no drop down or add button (so you have to go to the project, project task, search for the incident ticket, etc …)

Image 9

Perhaps it is even better to add it to the “items”.

Image 10

So that we have 1 location where you can link the associated items. (just like a piece of software or computer)
It would make the Gui simpler (not another tab / extra screen)

And while you are busy (sorry don't want to sound to demanding, just want to give my opinion)
… Could you also do the same for a change?

Currently you can add a change directly to a project. Which I find a bit odd.
I would think that a change (even more then a ticket) should be assigned to a project task instead of a project.
So It would be nice if we could do the same with a change, link it to a project tasks and that the time spend on the task is added to the project task.

Image 11

Again, thanks for the developing such a great piece of software.

Keep up the good work !!!


background contrast

yves tesniere 9 years ago 0

in 0.90 background was white.

in 0.90.1 fields label background are now grey, I think fields background should also be more contrasted.


PDF export in cyrillic bad

Сергей Жемойтель 9 years ago updated by Walid Nouh 8 years ago 1

glpi 0.90.1 whith default conf pdffont Helvetica bad export

bugfix this:
UPDATE glpi.glpi_configs SET value='dejavusans' WHERE name='pdffont';


Add global view page for entities

Christian Bernard 9 years ago updated by Megachip 9 years ago 4
When select an entity, show in a tab computers, network, devices, ...

pouvoir envoyer un listing des tickets par utilisateur

sitasi44 9 years ago updated by ylagva 9 years ago 2
Pouvoir envoyer un état des lieux des tickets pour un utilisateur