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Work with the application

Александр Петров 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

Offer to "work with the application" to add a chronology of binding to other applications.


List all tasks in tickets assigned to user

Jorge Teixeira 8 years ago 0

one way to see the list of all tasks in tickets assigned to User...

export all tasks done in all tickets (closed or not).


bookmark buttons

DsBatista 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

Put the option "load a bookmark" back next to the option "save as a bookmark". It looks to me more obvious to keep them both together, as they refer to the same filter content.


bookmarks over default screen

DsBatista 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

When a bookmark is loaded, the default tickets' list doesn't show again, even if I navigate through other sections and menus. It would be easier if the default tickets' list appeared when the page is refreshed, or if there was a button to get that configuration, as now I have to set the options manually back, create a "default bookmark" or sign out to do that.


Session share

Javier Samaniego 8 years ago 0

Hi, i have a HA enviroment with two server in testing and i can't to make it work the session share with memcache.

My memcache.ini have this:

; Use memcache as a session handler

; Defines a comma separated of server urls to use for session storage

Everything works, but the session seems independent on each server.

Does anybody know?

Thanks in advance.


Suggest: Coordinates Geographic

Wilter Porto 8 years ago updated by Walid Nouh 8 years ago 1

I suggest that is created field to the geographic coordinates for entities in glpi because they are more accurate than the address for use in plugins. for example the dashboard uses the address to set up the so-called map. in my town there are streets with the wrong name on google maps and so I have to register the wrong address in order to assemble the map "correctly." with the coordinates it would.

sugiro que seja criado campo para as coordenadas geográficas para entidades no glpi, pois são mais precisas do que o endereço para uso em plugins. por exemplo o dashboard usa o endereço para montar o mapa de chamados. em minha cidade existem ruas com nome errado no google maps e com isso tenho que cadastrar o endereço errado para poder montar o mapa "corretamente". com as coordenadas isso acabaria.


Trouble moving the file

INGENIERO BASE DE DATOS 8 years ago updated by Tomolimo 8 years ago 1

I try to upload a document to an incident either .doc, .xls, .txt but says, "trouble moving the file". I need to solve this problem that is driving me crazy. Thanks to all


Notification on event processing and pending ticket

tyrone wyatt 8 years ago updated 6 years ago 1

Currently there is a notification event for new ticket, solved ticket, close of ticket and reopen ticket but not processing ticket or pending ticket.

Can you please create new events for processing ticket and pending ticket.

These events would be useful when using the ticket (simple) template in a low notification environment.


Kerberos Authentication

Sonali Marne 8 years ago 0


Something which will make Kerberos + LDAP setup easy. Maybe a plugin for Kerberos setup.

I read a few articles on GLPI website about Kerberos where users failed to do so.


Split cost opportunity for GLPI plugins

Christian Bernard 8 years ago updated by glpi 7 years ago 2

Create a wall somewhere on the GLPI website and allow users to present the core/plugin upgrade and the cost related to it.

This can allow different companies to split the cost of a modification/plugin/plugin update between more peoples