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Frozen - new ticket status

No name 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 4

It would be great to have a frozen ticket status in which the ticket resolution time won't be counted.


employee directory page

Yannick Labbé 8 years ago 0

GLPI is already connected to ldap, so it should be very useful to create a page for users permitting to search employee by department or group.

select by - entity (site) - Department (group) -

ID / first name / last name / mail / phone / mobile / title / location / category / picture


child budgets

Christian Bernard 8 years ago 0

Allow calculation of child budget in a ROOT budget for budget consolidation

ex: 1 site 5000$ licenses, 1 other 10000$, then MAIN or ROOT budget 15000$ inheritance


SQL licensing calculation

Christian Bernard 8 years ago 0

Find a way to calculate the SQL licensing properly by CAL, server and CORE factor

Currently, SQL is not properly identify in GLPI (Standard/Enterprise) and there is no way to calculate the CORE factor for SQL

Same thing for MS CIS licenses

I have to keep a Excel sheet on the side and combine with MS tools to generate a proper report


Report with Serial Number Duplicate

Gilberto Tuñon 8 years ago updated by Michał Panasiewicz 2 years ago 2

Add report to get item with duplicate serial number.


Work with the application

Александр Петров 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

Offer to "work with the application" to add a chronology of binding to other applications.


List all tasks in tickets assigned to user

Jorge Teixeira 8 years ago 0

one way to see the list of all tasks in tickets assigned to User...

export all tasks done in all tickets (closed or not).


bookmark buttons

DsBatista 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

Put the option "load a bookmark" back next to the option "save as a bookmark". It looks to me more obvious to keep them both together, as they refer to the same filter content.


bookmarks over default screen

DsBatista 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

When a bookmark is loaded, the default tickets' list doesn't show again, even if I navigate through other sections and menus. It would be easier if the default tickets' list appeared when the page is refreshed, or if there was a button to get that configuration, as now I have to set the options manually back, create a "default bookmark" or sign out to do that.


Session share

Javier Samaniego 8 years ago 0

Hi, i have a HA enviroment with two server in testing and i can't to make it work the session share with memcache.

My memcache.ini have this:

; Use memcache as a session handler

; Defines a comma separated of server urls to use for session storage

Everything works, but the session seems independent on each server.

Does anybody know?

Thanks in advance.