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Assign inputs

Paulo Lima 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

Hello! I would like to propose changes to the item "inputs", because I would like to assign the input to a call or equipment! This would make a better link, especially for maintenance of the equipment where you need repair.


how to configure mails notifications for 2 admins accounds in GLPI

Damien LE BRETON 8 years ago updated by Tomolimo 8 years ago 1

Binding git commit to change (Привязка git commit к изменениям)


I propose to add functionality into the mainline git repository to work with.

For many configuration management using puppet-type system in conjunction with git.

Specifically, the "change" to create a partition in which it would be possible to tie commit related to this change.


Предлагаю внести в основную ветку функционал работы с хранилищем git.

Для управления конфигурациями многие используют системы типа puppet в связке с git.

Конкретно в "Изменениях" создать раздел в который можно было бы привязывать коммит относящиеся к этому изменению.


Notification statistics

Walid Nouh 8 years ago 0

Store the number of email :

  • sent per day
  • sent per day per notification

In order have statistics about the most email consuming notifications


Notification infocom

Berserker 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2


Is it possible to add those tag for infocom notification model :

- ##infocom.shortentity## : Only child entity like in ticket notification
- ##infocom.item.serialnumber## : To see serial number's item
- ##infocom.item.type## : different from ##infocom.itemtype## by giving type from item (like Server, Laptop, Switch ...)

Thanks everyone !


account deletion ticket

Yannick 8 years ago 0


It would be useful to create a process which take license / device /computer / generic object / Phone / Simcard associated to user and create a form allowing to check the box and create automatically a ticket for user departure.

Useful for Human Resources and IT and Logistic to delete account and all account linked to the user with his material


Single Entity

Kappa 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

Either make it easier to use a single entity or add a configuration option for it.



Yannick 8 years ago 0


I would be useful to add the possibility to transfer a task in the planning to another planning.

Ex> I put a task on my planning and i would like to move it to servicedesk calendar


Sending a ticket tracking a third person

cperrais 8 years ago 0

Default is GLPI combines an applicant, an observer and assign a.

We actually can add more people to each category.
In the ticket notifications, we can associate with whom we wish to send an email for information.
However we can not choose who is particularly address a tracking ticket.
Some element followed by ticket should not be communicated to everyone. We are obliged to make an email for a single point of contact through our mail client in this case so there is more monitoring in the GLPI ticket order to achieve the overall monitoring from GLPI is it possible to add the monitoring tab, the option to choose a contact GLPI to address a single track.
Example: A user makes a request for assistance. An exchange takes place between the applicant, the observer and the technician. If the technician has to ask a question has an outside party without the applicant and the viewer is informed. (Problem X internally and technician made a special request to an external service provider) hope I was clear on my explanations, I remain available for any possible discussion, thanking you

Add "extract" from licenses users

Yannick 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 1


It would be useful to add possibility to extract the list of users with their departments to csv or slk