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new notification when file is rejected

Bruno Joffredo 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 0

When a ticket is created or a follow-up is added by sending an e-mail with an attached file,
the user does not receives a new notification if the file is rejected.

Today, there is just an indication of rejection in place of the web link in the "new ticket" or "new follow-up" notification. But this information is drowned among others.
It would be more striking if a new notification will inform that the file is not passed.

Thank you.


GLPi Solution : Inverse buttons

Pierre LEBEL 7 years ago 0


It would be great to have the possibility to inverse the two button Approve or Refuse in the Approval page.



Improve booking by slots

marwena4 7 years ago updated by Yannick 7 years ago 1

Hi everyone,

I wanted to book not all a material but only a port of a switch for example. I couldn't find neither on GLPI or on the internet how to do it. So I think it would be interesting in an inventory to see on a network equipment how many ports are booked or how many slots are booked for one project/application.


Better Public RSS Feed or plugin to get tweet account

Gilberto Tuñon 7 years ago 0

Better Public RSS Feed or plugin to get tweet from account


suggestion switch user fields in Computers

Arno Beulink 7 years ago 0

Image 69

I have one suggestion for Computers page. Maybe it is good idea to switch the User and Group fields (see picture), else you get a very long list of users. I already grouped users, but it didn't work.

We have 450+ users and I don't like very long lists :P

Arno Beulink

from the Netherlands



Frankxpe 7 years ago 0


Is it really need to install FileInfo extension? o can be optional?



Assign inputs

Paulo Lima 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

Hello! I would like to propose changes to the item "inputs", because I would like to assign the input to a call or equipment! This would make a better link, especially for maintenance of the equipment where you need repair.


how to configure mails notifications for 2 admins accounds in GLPI

Damien LE BRETON 7 years ago updated by Tomolimo 7 years ago 1

Binding git commit to change (Привязка git commit к изменениям)


I propose to add functionality into the mainline git repository to work with.

For many configuration management using puppet-type system in conjunction with git.

Specifically, the "change" to create a partition in which it would be possible to tie commit related to this change.


Предлагаю внести в основную ветку функционал работы с хранилищем git.

Для управления конфигурациями многие используют системы типа puppet в связке с git.

Конкретно в "Изменениях" создать раздел в который можно было бы привязывать коммит относящиеся к этому изменению.


Notification statistics

Walid Nouh 7 years ago 0

Store the number of email :

  • sent per day
  • sent per day per notification

In order have statistics about the most email consuming notifications