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Add global view page for entities

Christian Bernard 8 years ago updated by Megachip 8 years ago 4
When select an entity, show in a tab computers, network, devices, ...

pouvoir envoyer un listing des tickets par utilisateur

sitasi44 8 years ago updated by ylagva 8 years ago 2
Pouvoir envoyer un état des lieux des tickets pour un utilisateur

Approval improvement

ylagva 8 years ago 0

When we have a request to approve we need to click on the line to select the approval request.

It would be easier to have a dropdown list on the same line to select " granted, refused, ..."

This is a feedback of a lot of users.

Thank you


Integrated pool (Self Service main page)

Christian Bernard 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1
Set a monthly pool for user suggestion on the main page

What feature do you want us to improve

1- Self service password reset
2- Be able to change our background
3- ...


Add entity detail in global search

Christian Bernard 8 years ago 0
Allow global search to search through Entity addresses, city, ...

Ticket Sub Category

Jimesh Makawana 8 years ago updated by CDuv 8 years ago 1


There should be dependent subcategory for tickets.

Like first category is like request,incident,problem,task

if you select incident than second sub category is Hardware, Software, Network, Server,

If you select hardware than third one is Desktop, Laptop, Workstation, Printer, Scanner


new section : call

Claudiu Emanoel 8 years ago updated by CDuv 8 years ago 1

in the history window you can press the call button

you can enter a text with what has been said


Projects in GLPI more ISO 21500 compliance

Juan Fernando Villa Hernández 8 years ago updated by Walid Nouh 7 years ago 1

Today GLPI it's ISO 20000 and ITIL compliance. I think that this situation i'ts extensible to ISO 21500 in the project component (No a plugin any more)


Ticket Testing validation

ylagva 8 years ago 0
For developers technicians :
the process : user create request ticket, the technician create a task tech analysis and test and we need a validation from the requester to approve the solution, after the validation the developer creates a change linked to the ticket to apply the change.

We would like to add a rule : send an approval to the requester