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Problems to attach files to GLPI incidents

victorseo hace 6 años 0


With the version 9.1.6 I have problems to attach documents to the incident, the system is blocked and does not assign the incident as a rule, but without the attached document it works, is there any configuration by GLPI or is it a theme of the web server?

Thanking your comments Victor


Ticket Testing validation

Dan Truong hace 6 años 0

the process : user create request ticket, the technician create a task tech analysis and test and we need a validation from the requester to approve the solution, after the validation the developer creates a change linked to the ticket to apply the change.

We would like to add a rule : send an approval to the requester


Get urgency from Email priority

mohamad_ghanem hace 6 años 0

Can i take the urgency for a ticket from Email priority?

and how ?

Thank you


Cluster in Computers

Rainer Batz hace 6 años 0

Is it possible to add a function Cluster (e.g. Vmware-Cluster, Vcenter) in section Computers? We need this Information for license Management functions.


Mail collector create specfic template based on mail subject

iisinfrastructure hace 6 años 0


We are using some kind of form on another app. This app send email to GLPI.
We'd like to create a ticket with a specific template. To know which template should be used we want to use the email subject.

Right now we are only able to use the email priority which is of no use in our current scenario. Can you add this criterion?

To resume I want to be able to send an email with subject TOTO and GLPI is going to create a ticket with the template TOTO.



Image on Public FAQ

Chrisme hace 7 años actualizado hace 7 años 1

thank you for this new version that fixes a lot of bug, here is a perfect recommendation:

concrete example:
I solve a ticket, I paint an image of the paper press, and I add the ticket to the knowledge base, the knowledge base integrates the image (perfect, correction ok :-))
then I put this knowledge base in the public FAQ,
unfortunately, in the public FAQ, access to images is prohibited.
Is it possible to take this in consideration?
thank you in advance for this work already excellent


ajouter un mails outlook dans un ticket

k3k3land hace 7 años 0

Bonjour, je suis à la recherche d'un plugin permettant d'intégrer un mail sur l'application Outlook directement dans un ticket GLPI avec une icône qui demande de le numéro de ticket et hop,

le mail ce place en temps que suivi de ticket.


Standardize ticket mandatory fields

tyrone wyatt hace 7 años actualizado por Tomolimo hace 7 años 1

In GLPI 9.2, there is two versions of mandatory fields.

The old way marked with a red * and the new way where the box is marked with red.

Can you please standardize this.

I prefer the new look.

Image 121


profile access control

assertpedro hace 7 años 0

FIX the profile section.


Ajout d'un Workflow au plugin Formcreator

Raz hace 7 años actualizado por Tomolimo hace 7 años 5

Ajouter un workflow au plugin formcreator qui pemettrais d'attendre la cloture d'un ou plusieur ticket cible avant l'envoi d'autre ticket à d'autre cible.

Add a workflow to the formcreator plugin that would wait for the closing of one or more target tickets before sending another ticket to another target.