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Ajouter a la ressource humaine l'activité hebdomadaire de chaque travailleur

romeo koffi 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

Fuso horário criar rotina para certo dos fusos horários dependendo do pais.

heitor,raupp 6 years ago 0

Toda vez que atualizamos o GLPI o horário muda e fica errado, precisa fazer procedimentos no php.ini ou no based_config.php, pela a nova versão não existe o ultimo arquivo, como ajeitar agora o fuso horário.


Search computer by alternate username

Tiago Schadeck 6 years ago 0

When we use the search to find a computer, it would be great if it were possible to search for the alternate username, so it would greatly speed up the process of locating a computer.


Is it possible to assign SLM in the tickets rules?

Thiago Passamani 6 years ago 0


Is it possible to assign SLM in the rules? Showing the SLM list (containing SLA and / or OLA) in the tickets rules?

Thank you!


Journal de bord

ax512 6 years ago 0

Bonjour à tous, 

Je recherche désespérément un moyen d'avoir un "Journal de bord" sur GLPI.

L'idée étant de sélectionner une personne; la date; le temps passé; éventuellement certain tag; et puis description de l'action entrepris par l'opérateurs.

légèrement comme des tickets, sans pour autant avoir à renseigner tout les éléments.

Avec si possible... un mode recherche avec les différente variable cite dessus et éventuellement des vus statistiques du temps passé des opérateurs sur certaine action (les tag).



SIte / Demo in Brazilian Portuguese

magaiverpr 7 years ago 0

As we can see in the Telemetry (http://glpi-project.org/telemetry/) PT-BR is the second most used language in GLPI.

It will be cool to have a site and the demo with a user in PT-BR.


Problems to attach files to GLPI incidents

victorseo 7 years ago 0


With the version 9.1.6 I have problems to attach documents to the incident, the system is blocked and does not assign the incident as a rule, but without the attached document it works, is there any configuration by GLPI or is it a theme of the web server?

Thanking your comments Victor


Ticket Testing validation

Dan Truong 7 years ago 0

the process : user create request ticket, the technician create a task tech analysis and test and we need a validation from the requester to approve the solution, after the validation the developer creates a change linked to the ticket to apply the change.

We would like to add a rule : send an approval to the requester


Get urgency from Email priority

mohamad_ghanem 7 years ago 0

Can i take the urgency for a ticket from Email priority?

and how ?

Thank you


Cluster in Computers

Rainer Batz 7 years ago 0

Is it possible to add a function Cluster (e.g. Vmware-Cluster, Vcenter) in section Computers? We need this Information for license Management functions.