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Standardize ticket mandatory fields

tyrone wyatt 7 years ago updated by Tomolimo 7 years ago 1

In GLPI 9.2, there is two versions of mandatory fields.

The old way marked with a red * and the new way where the box is marked with red.

Can you please standardize this.

I prefer the new look.

Image 121


profile access control

assertpedro 7 years ago 0

FIX the profile section.


Ajout d'un Workflow au plugin Formcreator

Raz 7 years ago updated by Tomolimo 7 years ago 5

Ajouter un workflow au plugin formcreator qui pemettrais d'attendre la cloture d'un ou plusieur ticket cible avant l'envoi d'autre ticket à d'autre cible.

Add a workflow to the formcreator plugin that would wait for the closing of one or more target tickets before sending another ticket to another target.


reformed computer

g benard 7 years ago 0

in glpi it misses the reformed part of a machine. This will remove software and hardware inventory but we will keep track of the machine. Is this method in the roadmap?

thank you for your work


link contract with requester

damag 7 years ago 0

It will be a good thing to be able to link contract with requester, in the same way as supplier. Lot of providers/big company are using GLPI in the way requesters are customers, and need to ensure service contract is valid during ticket creation.

It should be possible to integrate contract in the ticket life, for sorting, during creation, with cost calculation and so...


notifications mails tickets in a single mail with copy applicants, observers, and technicians including images (tracking or resolution)

ChrisCooL 7 years ago updated by JohnDoe 7 years ago 4


great feature

notifications mails tickets in a single mail with copy applicants, observers, and technicians including images (tracking or resolution)


Asset with Sparepart

Agustin 7 years ago 0

Hi, I repair electronic devices and I need to establish a relationship between the device and the spare parts I have used to solve the problem.
Spare parts have a name, part number, and quantity, such as consumables.
So you should be able to relate a spare to a computer through a ticket.

I am trying to make a plugin, but I still can not understand the structure of the functions.

Best Regards.


Shipping Order

Erique Souza 7 years ago 0

My suggestion is quite simple, how to manage all types of emails, whether as new, example, between new called, new follow, and called solved.

It would be interesting if we could give priority to solved calls, then follow-ups, and new calls.

Some menu to manage this, at least in my environment, plus help, far beyond other types of corporate environments.


Set default profile and entity

Walid Nouh 7 years ago 0

Add new actions to habilitations rules engine to set the default entity and profile for a user.


Application for approval OPTION

analistaprocesos 7 years ago 0

Is it possible that for simplified interface we can see the option "Application for approval" because when can only see and use this option if the user has the standard interface.

When we are creating a new incident template  we can only select this option has mandatory in the standard inteface. :/