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Application for approval OPTION

analistaprocesos 7 years ago 0

Is it possible that for simplified interface we can see the option "Application for approval" because when can only see and use this option if the user has the standard interface.

When we are creating a new incident template  we can only select this option has mandatory in the standard inteface. :/


Suggestion: New category (In Service)

Erique Souza 7 years ago 0

My suggestion is quite simple, create a new category, name In attendance, or similar, so that when a technician is solving the case, but do not want to put on pending.


Review transfer UI

Walid Nouh 7 years ago 0

The transfer UI is too complicated.

An administrator, performing a transfer may not have to see all option for the transfer selected.

Showing these options give an impression of "oh I don't unsterstand, it may be dangerous and I'm not going to to it".

Discuss if these option shoud be display when a user have a Transfer READ permission, or if another right for using the transfer should be added.


Time to Contact - New field for tickets.

fullalbuns 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

Is it possible to create a new field for tickets, named "Time to Contact"? The idea is to have a new indicator for teams. 


SMS Alert to users

Sunny1590 7 years ago updated by Johan Cwiklinski 7 years ago 3

Looking to have SMS server configuration, so user can get sms alert once request or incident is register 


Tranfer Option between Entities on Projects

thelordbat 7 years ago 0


There are another UserEcho 7 Months ago but i put another one. 


Adicionar acompanhamento automaticamente

Alexandre 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

É possivel configurar para automaticamente, todo o chamado depois que aberto, receber um acompanhamento pré estabelecido?


Add more criteria to printer dictionnary

Walid Nouh 7 years ago 0

FusionInventory agent gather more informations about a printer that could be used for Printer dictionnary.

For now only name, manufacturer and comments are available.



improve recurrent ticket

Yannick 7 years ago 0

It should be useful to improve recurrent ticket system or add the possibilty to schedule a ticket creation allowing to prepare the ticket before creation

For account creation / deletion...


Possibility to export one ICS file for a group

nicolas quiniou-briand 7 years ago 0


In GLPI 0.90 planning, we had possibility to export planning for a group in one ICS file. Since 9.1, we need to export ICS file for each member of a group which is really painful.

Please add possibility to export one ICS file for a group.