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Hi Yannick, is possible make somethink like above? Add more questions to survey...


PKI provides REST interfaces to allow clients to access services on the server. The REST services are implemented using RESTEasy.

Learn how your app can capture pen & ink input, and get details on handwriting recognition. Windows 10 devices will come in many shapes and sizes, many will allow you to draw directly on the screen, and Windows 10 includes a new drawing control and low-latency hardware support for a great experience when adding handwritten content to a page.
Most of the support incidents are repairing printers, CPUs and monitors, 
once the repair of computer equipment is installed and configured and validated by the user, 
it is at the moment in which the user sign the approval the resolution of the incident.

It is very similar to the firm that is reflected when you receive a package courier, 
but in this case digital certificates would be used.
Include notifications in the notification center of Windows 10 , the aim is to alert technicians when it is created or exists in the system a new incident , when assigned an incident or when there is a new incident assigned to the group to which the technical part .

There is a notification plugin developed by Stevenes Donato , an excellent job. This plugin works with the Google Desktop notifications and Firefox through the API Web Notifications.