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Done for GLPI 10.0 with the Pending Reasons feature.

When adding a followup, you can set a pending reason template which will handle automatic "bumping" of the ticket and close the ticket automatically after a predetermined number of "bumps" without any response from the user.

Both points have been addressed in GLPI 10.

1. The filters are now in a popover accessible from a single button at the bottom of the ticket view

2. Another button was added next to the filters button to display all TODO tasks in a checklist type of view

This is already in the latest release of GLPI. I do not know which version it was added in.

Added in GLPI 9.3.0

This was added in GLPI 9.4.0 as a Profile option

This is possible in the latest version (GLPI 10). I don't know which version it was actually added in though.

1. Project tasks can have users/groups assigned to their team

2. Project tasks can have sub-tasks

3. The option to automatically calculate the percent done was added in GLPI 9.5

A Marketplace feature was added in GLPI 9.5.0 which can show when plugins have updates available.