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This is possible since GLPI 9.5 using the new Marketplace feature.

The documentation is currently being rewritten in English and updated for the latest GLPI version.

The project itself can be found here if you want to contribute:

The goal is to have the documentation in multiple languages through Transifex like GLPI currently is.

There was a pull request for this but it wasn't received well, so I have a work in progress plugin that adds this. It isn't polished yet but works well enough for most uses.
If I get time, there may be a first release this weekend.

I'm not sure I follow. You can already search assets and Tickets by Country, Town (city), State, Post/Zip code, street address, etc based on the location assigned to them (They are fields within Locations). Each location can be as general or fine-grained as you need it to be down to specific GPS coordinates. For example you can have a location hierarchy like:
United States > New York > New York City > HQ > Admin Building > Office 100
Or more simply:
HQ > Admin Building > Office 100

My only qualm with this would be that is relies on a specific RDP/VNC/SSH server implementation. While Apache Guacamole looks like a great solution, it forces GLPI to directly support this specific implementation. I would much rather see this done as a plugin while GLPI provides the interface or abstraction needed for plugins which could integrate Apache Guacamole or any other solution.
It would be up to GLPI's team through an official plugin or up to the plugin community to handle the actual implementation.

Some businesses may want to use RDP/VNC/SSH directly while others may want an external source such as TeamViewer, LogMeIn, etc. For example, my employer is now responsible for supporting users who may be offsite without a proper VPN so we are using LogMeIn due to the current pandemic.

I feel it is difficult to plan for the many possible implementations as long as there aren't any plugins that integrate these remote control services (at least none that I know of).

I'm looking into it for the second phase of the Kanban feature, but I cannot say for sure it will be accepted by the core team.

Software licenses (and Software) should be available to all assets that can have an OS now as of 9.5.0 (in beta right now). This includes Computers, Monitors, Network Equipment, Peripherals, Phones, and Printers right now.