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Any chances that this will be reviewed?

It's not about placing forms in e-mails but providing direct links that via API will answer satisfaction survey. Example - you are getting e-mail with info to fill the satisfaction survey. In that e-mail you have 5 icons that represent grade - after you click it you are rediracted to a page that says - thanks for filling the survey!

This shortens the time where users have to browse to ticket and mark one the stars and press save.

Based on experience of 700 users - that would be great improvement :).

I can deliver you icons/images with smiling faces if you need them :).

Just to remind you. This has been already implemented as a plugin - Some additional development is needed (there is an issue with session which blocks access to plugins).

Ideally if some additional info could be available within ticket:
- initial category (after categorization/initial diagnosis) and category which was used when ticket was closed (this can help identify if all tickets are properly categorized).
Just forgot to add. This will increase number of answered surveys (faster, simpler access to satisfaction survey).