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Reccurent ticket template - project task

chauchse il y a 6 ans 0


I often use "Reccurent ticket" functionnality. Is it possible to add the predefined field "Project - Project task" in order to auto link the reccurent ticket to the existing project task.


I use GLPI to manage IT security project.

Each month, I create a new ticket (by reccurent ticket) fore "Firewall rules audit" an i have to link it manually to the GLPI project task.


Request: separate privileges for add/remove a user to Entities

Mr. Birl il y a 6 ans 0


I have found that it is possible to, effectively, shut-out a user of the Super-Admin Profile, by a lesser privilege account under the Admin Profile.  Using two of the accounts below, glpi and su-sbirl:

    Image 181

With the following privileges under the "Administration" tab for each respective Profile:

  Image 182

When I login as 'su-sbirl', I can go into Users, click on the 'glpi' user and go to the Authorizations tab.  From there I can check the box for "Root entity", go to Actions and proceed with "Delete permanently the relation with selected elements"

Image 183

By removing that Entity,

Image 184

The Super-Admin, glpi, can no longer log in:

Image 185

I can think of some work-arounds to prevent this, but I wonder if there should be additional privileges for adding a user to an Entity as well as removing a user from an Entity.


external link on specific item - no only categorie

anthony il y a 6 ans 0

be able to link an external link on a specific item.

for exemple , we can create an external link on a general computer but not on DELL computer


Add "Financial and administrative information" for documents

Simon il y a 6 ans mis à jour il y a 6 ans 1

It would be great to add "Financial and administrative information" tab for documents. 

In that way, we could link a document to a budget !

Example : I have a 1000$ maintenance on a server. I can add the invoice linked to my server (in the documents tab). And then, with this feature, I can activate "Financial and administrative information" for this document in order to link it to a budget? 


Management by priority (Queue position)

TGr il y a 6 ans 0

Add a possibility management of tickets by priority (Queue position). This could be manage within a group.

User who submitted a ticket could see the rank of his request within the assigned group.

The queue position would be influenced by priority and other parameters that could be configurable (Very urgent and urgent could bump lower level of priority)


Models Notification

EC2311 il y a 6 ans 0


When creating/updating models (projects, tasks) no notification should be sent : perhaps for some they must be sent.

So in notification, allowing to manage sending or not of notifications of projects, tasks and so on...


Suggestion - Include annotation box

Júnior il y a 6 ans 0


It would be interesting to include a notepad in Computers - Assets.
Some machines we can not always put in inventory for some reason and a notepad in that GLPI session could help remind you why not include or which machines are missing from inventory.



Retrieve additional user data through phpCAS

ojathelonius il y a 6 ans 0

Currently, CAS authentication only retrieves the user login through phpCAS.

It would be awesome to have a way to get more data from the single sign-on server, e.g :

/* Current behaviour in getAlternateAuthSystemsUserLogin() */
$this->user->fields['name'] = phpCAS::getUser()
/* Desired behaviour */
$additionalAttributes = phpCAS::getAttributes();
$profile = additionalAttributes['cas_profile_key'];

Ideally, the user should be able to map GLPI user data with CAS data, just like with external auth.

I worked on a solution but it is limited to my own use case thus is not quite generic. I would love to help though.


Assets: Add views of items to show to favorites

steckel il y a 6 ans 0

only saved searches possible, like to have that for items to show as well


Filter emails from lists

Megachip il y a 6 ans 0

Ho to filter all mails from mailing lists? 

There are headers like:

Precedence: list
Mailing-list: list

But how to filter for custom headers?