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Suggestion: New category (In Service)

Erique Souza 6 years ago 0

My suggestion is quite simple, create a new category, name In attendance, or similar, so that when a technician is solving the case, but do not want to put on pending.


Review transfer UI

Walid Nouh 6 years ago 0

The transfer UI is too complicated.

An administrator, performing a transfer may not have to see all option for the transfer selected.

Showing these options give an impression of "oh I don't unsterstand, it may be dangerous and I'm not going to to it".

Discuss if these option shoud be display when a user have a Transfer READ permission, or if another right for using the transfer should be added.


Time to Contact - New field for tickets.

fullalbuns 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

Is it possible to create a new field for tickets, named "Time to Contact"? The idea is to have a new indicator for teams. 


SMS Alert to users

Sunny1590 6 years ago updated by Johan Cwiklinski 6 years ago 3

Looking to have SMS server configuration, so user can get sms alert once request or incident is register 


Tranfer Option between Entities on Projects

thelordbat 6 years ago 0


There are another UserEcho 7 Months ago but i put another one. 


Adicionar acompanhamento automaticamente

Alexandre 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

É possivel configurar para automaticamente, todo o chamado depois que aberto, receber um acompanhamento pré estabelecido?


Add more criteria to printer dictionnary

Walid Nouh 6 years ago 0

FusionInventory agent gather more informations about a printer that could be used for Printer dictionnary.

For now only name, manufacturer and comments are available.



improve recurrent ticket

Yannick 6 years ago 0

It should be useful to improve recurrent ticket system or add the possibilty to schedule a ticket creation allowing to prepare the ticket before creation

For account creation / deletion...


Possibility to export one ICS file for a group

nicolas quiniou-briand 6 years ago 0


In GLPI 0.90 planning, we had possibility to export planning for a group in one ICS file. Since 9.1, we need to export ICS file for each member of a group which is really painful.

Please add possibility to export one ICS file for a group.


Olá alguém sabe como efetuar backup automático no glpi rodando no Windows.

Fabricio Costa 6 years ago updated by Tomolimo 6 years ago 3

Preciso de uma solução para realizar backup automático no glpi.