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Improve dictionnary (more user friendly)

Yannick Labbé 5 years ago 0


After many searches on the web, it is very complicated to find solutions to make rules due to regex language.

It would be very useful to simplify it without regex knowledge or integrate rules template in glpi

Thank you


Include statistics in GLPI

yal gva 5 years ago 0


Actually I use mydashboard and dashboard to visualize statistics, however it is not very usefull to take screenshot to report to the DSI in ms word.

It would be usefull to add full statistics in GLPI

charts :


tickets evolution per month (select incident / request) per month /year

opened tickets by status

opened ticket by month

number of opened tickets by technician (by month, year)

number of closed tickets by technician (by month, year)

metrics tickets by type


ticket backlog

number of tickets opened and closed by month

number of tickets affected by technicians by month



Possible to add a delete bouton in our message list to delete similar message on the forum

goinfre13 6 years ago 0

Hello everybody

I don't now if it exist but you should add a bouton to delete your own message on the forum.

I want to delete my message on the forum but i can't delete it because they are no things to do this.

It's possible to add one please ?

Best regards,


Prevent closing tickets

PAULO HENRIQUE 6 years ago 0

There is a possibility that a ticket will not be closed until there is a child ticket or a problem related to it?

Currently, GLPI displays the message but does not prevent ticket closure

Im using a GLPI 9.3.3


Add more than one budget for a specific instrument, whit "add" in "Financial & Administrative Information"

Daniel Escobar 6 years ago 0

Add more than one budget for a specific instrument, whit "add" in "Financial & Administrative Information"


Casos GLPI

CindyOrozco 6 years ago 0
Where are the cases that make the recovery says they went to the blacklist?
How can I check, because I do not get a case to the GLPI platform but if the email is there?

Attach doocument reccurring petitions

cperez 6 years ago 0

En el momento en que se crea una solicitud recurrente no hay posibilidad de adjuntar un documento, hay alguien que lo ha implementado


relation GLPI et MSO Virtual Studio

VERNET 6 years ago 0

Développer Plugin MSO Virtual Studio


create new type of device like automation PLC

jslindo 6 years ago 0

i need cataloger the plc connect to my network