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Filter emails from lists

Megachip 6 years ago 0

Ho to filter all mails from mailing lists? 

There are headers like:

Precedence: list
Mailing-list: list

But how to filter for custom headers?


Have the date field in tasks

gmourani 6 years ago updated by informatica 3 years ago 1

Sometimes, tasks are registered on different days that they were executed. For this reason, it will be nice to have the date field in tasks to put the real task execution date (otherwise it used the current date).


Screen Customiser

tghuverd 6 years ago 0

Being able to non-programmatically change field names, hide field names, change the one-line field help text, move fields around on the screen, reorder the <tab> key sequence, and add fields to screens is a common Administrator capability in current generation Asset Management software.

This does not require editing PHP, locales files, or the underlying database, but is done within the application using a visual editor interface via the browser. These changes survive a version upgrade, so need to be considered an overlay to the standard field labels and layout.

The editor allows for changes globally - so that every instance of "User", for example, is changed - or locally to a particular screen only - so "User" in the Computer screen only, for example.

It also supports adding and labeling a small number of 'custom fields' per screen. These custom fields come pre-established within the GLPI database, but remain unused unless the Administrator exposes them. There is a set/known number of them, so there might be:

- 5 * Text Field

- 5 * Numerical Field

- 2 * Dropdown

- 2 * Date

(These are an example only)

The Administrator might then use the Screen Customizer interface to expose (and label) 3 * Text and 1 * Date on a particular screen to capture customized user input. Presenting the captured data is via a customized report(s), but note that manipulating the fields is via code. So, if the Administrator wanted to compare an existing GLPI date field with the customized date field, they would have to write PHP code to do this.

Such a screen customizer would greatly improve the utility of GLPI, by making it easier and faster to tailor the user interface to business requirements. It represents a robust and enduring method of changing the screens that does not force Administrators to risk their operational instance editing code or .po files.


Queued Notifications table should have a notifications_id column

Valentin 6 years ago 0

I am currently debugging an issue in regards some emails not being sent.

sent_time appears NULL for  many of the queuednotifications entries and they seem  to stay like that.

For debugging and reporting purposes,I think that  the queued notifications table should also contain the notifications_id information as currently is very hard to know which notification type generated the queued entry.

I think that notifications_id would be more important that notification_template, because we can find out the template from notifications_id but not the other way around.


Keyboard Shortcut to Search

Celso Lira 6 years ago 0

My idea is to have a shortcut to the global search, as well as the fuzzy search (Ctrl + Alt + G). It could be Ctrl + Alt + F. Or implement all itens search in fuzzy search.


versionmiento de php para integrar con ocsinventory

CLAUSUA 6 years ago 0

1.estoy integrando glpi y ocsinventory y al instalar las dos aplicaciones no tienen compatibilidad en el php por que ocs inventory utiliza una y glpi otra podria enterarme que version de php pide este aplicativo que estoy implementandolo y si este aplicativo esta en constante evolucion gracias


Searchfilter for time ranges

Eon9D 6 years ago 0

While you can search for elements in the past, it would be nice to search for future dates.


All computers where the warranty ends in the next 12 months from today.


copy additional info in change created from ticket

marios1984 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 0

When we create the change from ticket (Create a change from this ticket), the possibility to copy (in addition to title and description) also the requester, the watchers and the assigned peoples.  


notifications and alerts (push) Web and API

stbanmc 6 years ago 0
1. Update of the case
2. Create case or reassignment
3. New comment
4. Errors
5. New or expired task



drop-down lists

camilo castelblanco 6 years ago 0

In the company in which I work we are using glpi about a year ago, it is version 9.1.2, it would really be very useful if you glpi in the inventory menus or others display dependent lists, to put a concrete example, suppose there is a phone category in type, in turn this hierarchically should correspond to certain manufacturers and this should reduce the list to choose the model concatenating the above conditions. This would substantially reduce the amount of redundancy in the database and the manual errors that are made when selecting the equipment.

If this idea is already in a thread please let me know to give my support and unify around a single discussion
thank you and I hope this serves somehow