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Ré-arranger les contrats

Lee 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2


Peut on améliorer le "Contrat" et "Cout" afin d'avoir par exemple

Contrat "Marche d'achat matériel"
Cout : lot 1 Onduleur date debut , date fin , garantie (36 Mois),alerte (fin/préavis) ,cout , fournisseur
Cout : Lot 2 Ordinateur date debut , date fin , garantie (12 Mois) ...

En fait meme la partie , reconduction , numero comptable , facturation , heures d'interventions
je pense que cela devrait faire partie du coté "COUTS" ..et donc d'avoir un lien avec le fournisseur pour chaque cout.

Le marché (contrat) dans une collectivité se fait par Lot (1,2,3..) avec des fournisseurs différents , et des date , durée garantie heures d'interventions (liées aux fournisseurs) ...


Mandatory/Authorized/Forbidden softwares

Edwin FAURE 7 years ago 0


To my knowledge I didn't find a plugin (or standard) feature that allow to fully use software categories to create statistics/alerts on it.

For instance it would help us implement a IT software compliance project to detect computers lacking mandatory softwares, and/or hosting known and forbidden ones.


Massive Actions

sometimes we need to make massive creations og Groups, Users, Entities and So on...

It's possible make a plugin or native functionality for make massive actions like that?

I mean something like a form with this:

ex: Option: combo box


* Users

* Groups

* Entities

* Categories

....... etc.

if the option it's user then appear something like:

User 1

id - password - entitie - Profile

User 2

id - password - entitie - Profile

User 3........ and so on.

if the option it's group then appear something like:

name - entitie - subentitie - etc.....


Frozen - new ticket status

No name 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

It would be great to have a frozen ticket status in which the ticket resolution time won't be counted.


employee directory page

Yannick Labbé 7 years ago 0

GLPI is already connected to ldap, so it should be very useful to create a page for users permitting to search employee by department or group.

select by - entity (site) - Department (group) -

ID / first name / last name / mail / phone / mobile / title / location / category / picture


child budgets

Christian Bernard 7 years ago 0

Allow calculation of child budget in a ROOT budget for budget consolidation

ex: 1 site 5000$ licenses, 1 other 10000$, then MAIN or ROOT budget 15000$ inheritance


SQL licensing calculation

Christian Bernard 7 years ago 0

Find a way to calculate the SQL licensing properly by CAL, server and CORE factor

Currently, SQL is not properly identify in GLPI (Standard/Enterprise) and there is no way to calculate the CORE factor for SQL

Same thing for MS CIS licenses

I have to keep a Excel sheet on the side and combine with MS tools to generate a proper report


Report with Serial Number Duplicate

Gilberto Tuñon 7 years ago updated by Michał Panasiewicz 11 months ago 2

Add report to get item with duplicate serial number.


Work with the application

Александр Петров 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 1

Offer to "work with the application" to add a chronology of binding to other applications.


List all tasks in tickets assigned to user

Jorge Teixeira 7 years ago 0

one way to see the list of all tasks in tickets assigned to User...

export all tasks done in all tickets (closed or not).