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In Setup->Components to do names of components with images, with match of the type of component

zegordo 6 years ago 0


now we have this page
and seems to be good add an images, to interact more quickly and better

for example:


new notification when file is rejected

Bruno Joffredo 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 0

When a ticket is created or a follow-up is added by sending an e-mail with an attached file,
the user does not receives a new notification if the file is rejected.

Today, there is just an indication of rejection in place of the web link in the "new ticket" or "new follow-up" notification. But this information is drowned among others.
It would be more striking if a new notification will inform that the file is not passed.

Thank you.


GLPi Solution : Inverse buttons

Pierre LEBEL 6 years ago 0


It would be great to have the possibility to inverse the two button Approve or Refuse in the Approval page.



Improve booking by slots

marwena4 6 years ago updated by Yannick 6 years ago 1

Hi everyone,

I wanted to book not all a material but only a port of a switch for example. I couldn't find neither on GLPI or on the internet how to do it. So I think it would be interesting in an inventory to see on a network equipment how many ports are booked or how many slots are booked for one project/application.


Add asset type similar to Printers and Cartridges

Sam 6 years ago updated by Walid Nouh 6 years ago 4

I would like to ask for the addition of 2 asset types. UPSs and Batteries. This would allow us to keep track of our good spare batteries and know how often we are replacing batteries do to failure or do to scheduled maintenance. Thanks for the consideration.


Better Public RSS Feed or plugin to get tweet account

Gilberto Tuñon 6 years ago 0

Better Public RSS Feed or plugin to get tweet from account


suggestion switch user fields in Computers

Arno Beulink 6 years ago 0

Image 69

I have one suggestion for Computers page. Maybe it is good idea to switch the User and Group fields (see picture), else you get a very long list of users. I already grouped users, but it didn't work.

We have 450+ users and I don't like very long lists :P

Arno Beulink

from the Netherlands



Frankxpe 6 years ago 0


Is it really need to install FileInfo extension? o can be optional?



Assign inputs

Paulo Lima 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

Hello! I would like to propose changes to the item "inputs", because I would like to assign the input to a call or equipment! This would make a better link, especially for maintenance of the equipment where you need repair.


how to configure mails notifications for 2 admins accounds in GLPI

Damien LE BRETON 6 years ago updated by Tomolimo 6 years ago 1