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got it from /Ticket_User

topic can be closed

Vous pouvez afficher vos mentions dans une note publique sur la page d'accueil

It would be nice to have followups templates (as it has been done for tasks ).

a user can have several profiles, so if you change your profile you can be either admin, either post only, or tech or...

there are several requests about solutions; ( keep old solutions when reopened, who, when...)

may be solution could be stored like tickettasks in a separate call/table so we can store for each solution who, when, solution description and keep solution history....

As for assets, i think it could be usefull to associate actors ( technicians in charge of contract, group in charge) to contracts

and be able to add these actors to notifications recipients list. ( technicians in charge of contract, group in charge)

actually, contract notifications can be send to profile or group, whatever the contract.