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already possible with drag and drop in 9.2.1 you can see here my test

No it works (on 9.2.1 take a look at ticket id 34210 estepan a post-only changed the state with a followup. You can look at the history tab here 

(The icon of the save butting is wrong if you open the dropdown function. It's only the view)

(FYI: We use notification for followup so technician get a mail.)

  • View group tasks in "Your Planning" on the Personal View
    1. Open personal view
    2. Click "Your planning"
    3. On the Left site activate the check box of the group you want to see. (Take care: don't check the group member selection "+" this is a other feature to select the task of the members of a group. )
    4. Go back - done :) - (but yes not in the group view)

  • other way / screen "Group View -  Ticket Tasks to do"


You have to assign the task to the group.

(I think it is possible since 9.2.) my screenshot is 9.2.1

Like in tasks ? Yes, i miss this too. It would be nice for "Give me feedback or i have to close the case" save & change status to pending in one click.

I think it is already in work or planned.

I'm not sure want you want.

a) I think this is "time to own" slt level ?

b) or is this filled by end user ? ( I'm back at office 2 p.m.after lunch so contact me at 2.05 ?

c) technician get request on 8 a.m. technician try to solve it but don't work. technician call by phone the user at 8.30 a.m. You want capture this time.

for c) I do this with add a task "phone call to get more information 5 min, task done"

a) since 9.1.x you have sla split in slt "time to solve" and "time to own". 

I know that "time to own" and "time to contact" could be different. You can configure a sla escalation level "time to contact"

Only a suggest from other glpi user. (i'm not a developer.)

best regards


You should use for support.

Solution for you: category needs the setting technician group or technician. You have to activate this feature in entity settings. best regards armin

My vote for you, but is the creator always the technician ?