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I don't think it's a good idea to add this feature

you can get this information simply with a standard search "warranty expire date" + "after" + "today"

great idea, here's some suggestions

- manage inspections templates

- templates that can be applied massively on items / group of items / entity / ...

- it could create tickets automatically according to this template

- it could insert a new kind of task in the ticket with special properties

  - check lists

   - possibility to have mandatory checks

   - possibility to have mandatory pictures linked on each checks

   - possibility to add marks

- through the tickets workflow

   - planification

   - when was really started

   - when was really stopped

   - configure special category of tickets

   - who did the inspection

  - other technician/supplier on site during inspection

- be compatible with generic objects, fields


thanks for considering my remarks !

For the 'coding topic', it's indeed that's an impossible target...but let's say some systems are closer to the target then others and for simple processes the development effort should be minimum ideally :-)

that was a good suggestion

so glpi team is providing this feature at the DB layer ?

@Dev App

I guess you are suggestin, mass actions / update / assigned to...

I just built a quick vm and it seems it's not there indeed

Seems difficult to top up Tomolino's post (most epic post on this platform ever !)

I did a quick study of what the market has to offer 1-2 years ago for BPM and here's some information, I'll hope you'll find it usefull 

- no or few code to create a new workflow

- no or few code to connect to a 3rd party system

- users should be able to design a workflow without an IT or project manager, IT should come in the loop just to do pure IT tasks, like connect to a db

- should include a visual form editor

- interface should adapt to mobile version (not a mobile app)

- be able to synchronize with AD/LDAP and do authentication and authorization

- able to use OU,groups,users in AD/LDAP

- able to read "manager" attribute in AD and use that data in

- have included connectors to all kind of system to automate a maximum of tasks : this is where the community can step in

- not require to add a full time java developer in the IT team to operate it

- no cost per user / month (or prepare yourself to face what microsoft offers)

- interface to follow on going process linked with user permissions

- reports

integrations with chat solutions like matrix / mattermost / rocketchat / slack / irc are indeed very interesting

whao !!! very nice thank you !!

allow me to go further into details and take the example of "monitors"

in GLPI 9.1 I noticed that some technical informations are stored for each equipments but they should be stored one time in the model of this equipment.

In GLPI 9.3-dev (online demo) it's already better I can see that weight, depth, power consumption have been moved into the model but some informations are still in the inventory

- size -> should be " diagonal size" 

- microphone

- speakers

- sub-d -> should be a number

- bnc -> should be a number

- dvi-> should be a number

- pivot

- hdmi-> should be a number + versionning

- displayport-> should be a number + versionning

and you can add

- external size (not the diagonal)

I can make a request in github if this is necessary.

Let' s push the idea :

Those information needs to be keyed in manually in each glpi in each company which is a waste or resources but they are very important / mandatory for remote support.

Acentralized structure could collect those informations from the community and automatically distribute them back or include them in fusion inventory. I realize that this require development and an infrastructure+bandwidth. (maybe not so much if you can download this database by p2p but I don' t know if it' s possible)

It could be an opportunity for the small business that don' t have the budget to pay official support to be able to give back to the project.

That' s also an opportunity to monetize this feature.

- from the community ? maybe an annual subscription fee to cover the infrastructure ?(but seems incompatible with open source style)

- maybe ask the brands a subscription to make sure their hardware is properly documented in GLPI with a flag "certified information from the brand directly" ..etc...

- this can be applied to any physical specifications that are undetectable by fusion inventory : phones, laptops, desktops, switches, routers, servers, racks, pbx, firewalls...