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At first, I thought. Why one more thing if we already the email notifications for this kind of issue?

But then I considered it better and it would be nice, at least, to discuss it.

If we imagine a Service Desk which supports many businesses cores like, IT, Maintenance, Human Resources, Compliance, Sales, Buying Sectors, and others, that would be interesting to have an automatic ticket creation with rules forwarding a new warranty renewal, or maybe and acquisition of new hardware, a certificate renewal.

There's a solution that might solve it temporarily or definitely, depending on your system, which is setting up an email account at the mail receivers which, in this case, is going to be the hub where the notifications of expiring objects could be forwarded to.

So, like this, GLPI could send the notification, receive it by a mail receiver and open a ticket. After that you could create the rules that fit better to your organization.

But the discussion is interesting!


Arthur Schaefer

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That's exactly why I wrote this suggestion. ☺

You can just change the Recipient of the Notification, so the satisfaction and the solution is opened for this person to respond.

Or even insert an automatic timer. Every time I click on the ticket, a timer starts to count, and when I go to the solution, the time is automatically inserted to the ticket.. Something like Autotask has. Look the link below

Autotask Time Entry

Sometimes I also go directly to solution field and remember that I have to create a task to input a time before I solve that.

Nice and useful idea