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You can still add files from the ticket tab, even though you can't from the processing ticket tab.

New website was launched and looks great! 

Please mark as Completed

This feature is now available in behaviors plugin.

Do you mean send to the users multiple email addresses or send the same email from multiple email addresses?

Personally i think this a move in the right direction. 

While create ticket from problem doesn't quiet fit with your pathway model it would be a good enhancement. 

  • Problems
    • Ticket tab
      • Create a ticket for this problem

I've seen this option in other ITSM products I've used in the past.

Its a very useful option when there is a major problem and allows the hotliner/technician quicker logging of tickets because title, description category fields are prefilled from problem.  

Yes just like 'Assigned to'. 

Would make it easy to keep an eye on other tickets. 

Hello Alexandre,

Thank you for your reply to my suggestion.

Yes a scheduled release cycle would work well for beta testers.

I look forward to this new release cycle in GLPI 9.1

In my office its normal for a technician to add a to-do task while running diagnostics or deploy operating system to computer. When that process is complete the GLPI task is changed to done by which ever technician see its finished.

In GLPI <0.84 changing a task from to-do to done would change the writer of the task which wasn't good for us.

In GLPI 0.85> changing a task from to-do to done changes the task writer but leaves the task by as the original writer.

I have just checked the behaviour of GLPI 9.1. When the task is edited the behaviour remains the same as 0.90. When the done tick-box is checked or unchecked by another technician the writer of the ticket doesn't change.

So it seems this feature already exists in 9.1.

Also our trainee technicians don't have the rights to edit tasks which they didn't write which becomes an issue for us but its required as we don't want our trainee technicians editing technicians tasks.