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Change elements which shown at reservations

Megachip il y a 6 ans 0

Is there any way to change what is displayed at the reservations tab? ATM it only shown the name of the element and the location. Would live to also shown the operating system.

Thanks a lot


OCSNG - Régler le problème de TRACE_DELETED sur le plugin

Neilerua il y a 6 ans 0

Régler le problème de l'erreur TRACE_DELETED qui revient sans cesse sur le plugin d'OCS et qui reste encore aujourd'hui sans réponse


From Asset search bulk action, I would love to be able to open a ticket associated to all selected elements.

weathnr il y a 6 ans 0

Being able to easily search for entities and then from Action button open a ticket against the selected items.  That would make adding compute or switch entities against a ticket very easy.


assign tickets automatically

Raja il y a 6 ans mis à jour par yves tesniere il y a 6 ans 1

How to assign tickets automatically to group when it is created


New Configuration Item types : Business Service and IT Service

Greg il y a 6 ans 0

Business Service definition:

Name / Owner / Availability target(%)/Description / Business Impact /

Link with : Hosts, IT Service

IT Service definition :

Name / Manager / Business Impact / Cost / Business Criticality / Description / Availability target(%)


Automatic ticket open when events in glpi

allanlopesprado il y a 6 ans mis à jour il y a 6 ans 0

My suggestion is to insert options in business rules, to open automatic tickers, when internal events occur in glpi.

- Assets with offline status
- Modified asset
- Contract renewal
- Updating expired licenses

and any other option that we can insert with business rules

*Language: EN


Minha sugestão é inserir opções em regras de negocio, para abertura de tickets automático, quando ocorrer acontecimentos internos no glpi.

- Ativos com status offline
- Ativos modificado
- Renovação de contrato
- Atualização de licenças vencidas

e qualquer outra opção que podemos inserir com regras de negocio

*Idioma: PT-BR