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Add an option to disable a mysql replicate

Walid Nouh 6 years ago 0

When a mysql replicate is disable in glpi general configuration, the config_db_slave.php file is removed.

By doing so, when the replicate is enabled again, all previous informations are lost.

It would be interesting to add a class parameter to disable the replicate (without removing the file), for example when there's a replication failure and you want to investigate or rebuild a the slave server


[rest api] add with template

Hynek Petrak 6 years ago 0

Hi, would it be possible to add object via REST API based on a template or object of a same class? Use of template would be recognized if input contains a valid id.

A sort of (in python):

headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json',
       "Authorization": "user_token " + user_token, "App-Token": app_token }
data = """{"input": [{ "id" : 2032, "name" : "asset from template",  }]}"""
requests.post(url + sub_url, headers=headers, data=data)


Filter in column

ciadch 6 years ago 0


It could be really useful to have a "second level" of filter in columns. First one is to query what we want (the actual filters / search methods) and a second one to filter in table (for exemple with jQuery tablesorter plugin).



Conformité CNIL - Apposer une mention en bas de page

richard michalowicz 7 years ago updated by yves tesniere 6 years ago 1

j'ai besoin d'apposer une mention cnil en bas de page pour la conformité avec la loi informatique et libertés afin de prévenir de l'utilisation des données à caractère personnel au sein du logiciel à mes utilisateurs. Le champ disponible actuellement pour remplir cette fonction au moment de la connexion n'est pas suffisant car dans un contexte de SSO celui-ci n'est pas visible par mes utilisateurs. Comment faire sans altérer le code source ?
merci par avance


use glpi as subdomain

Helquisson (Micromed) 7 years ago 0

hello guys,
Well, i'm using GLPI as subdomain (glpi.mydomain.com), but some links is broken, because i need to use "$CFG_GLPI['root_doc']" empty for the GLPI works like a subdomain, but i see what some parts of the code don't get the configuration automatically, one sample is the file commonglpi.class.php in the function "showNavigationHeader($options=array())", in the $target variable for example get the value with $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], getting the document root of the application, and this ocurrency exists in the other parts of the project.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Or exists other solution?



In Setup->Components to do names of components with images, with match of the type of component

zegordo 7 years ago 0


now we have this page
and seems to be good add an images, to interact more quickly and better

for example:


new notification when file is rejected

Bruno Joffredo 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 0

When a ticket is created or a follow-up is added by sending an e-mail with an attached file,
the user does not receives a new notification if the file is rejected.

Today, there is just an indication of rejection in place of the web link in the "new ticket" or "new follow-up" notification. But this information is drowned among others.
It would be more striking if a new notification will inform that the file is not passed.

Thank you.


GLPi Solution : Inverse buttons

Pierre LEBEL 7 years ago 0


It would be great to have the possibility to inverse the two button Approve or Refuse in the Approval page.



Improve booking by slots

marwena4 7 years ago updated by Yannick 7 years ago 1

Hi everyone,

I wanted to book not all a material but only a port of a switch for example. I couldn't find neither on GLPI or on the internet how to do it. So I think it would be interesting in an inventory to see on a network equipment how many ports are booked or how many slots are booked for one project/application.


Better Public RSS Feed or plugin to get tweet account

Gilberto Tuñon 7 years ago 0

Better Public RSS Feed or plugin to get tweet from account