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Multiple conversations in a ticket

finalbeta 5 years ago updated by Bruno Silva 3 years ago 1

Let's say someone creates a ticket in our system. We may need to be contact 3th parties for the ticket. We perhaps would contact someone else (his boss, a supplier) through mail. In GLPI you have to do that through other means, and log the result in GLPI once done. 

The problem with this is that it's much harder to have teams working on a ticket, as some info is handled outside the ticket. 

GLPI could allow the agent to pick a user to send a mail to. (This mail could be marked as private even by adding something to the mail, that way a reply would be private too). 

This is something that is handled for example in OTRS in a very good way. 


Custom Field in Simplified Interface

Luciano 8 years ago updated by glpi 7 years ago 1

In version 9.1 would be very good to have this possibility, using a plugin or not.


Easy checkout/checkin for loaner asset

keme 8 years ago updated by SIB 4 years ago 5

While you can use the GLPI reservations interface for immediate checkout/checkin of reservable assets, it is a bit cumbersome. I wrote a proposal, publicly available from my google disk (click link), for a simplified check-out/check-in solution. (I found it a bit lengthy to post in full here, and can't see any option to attach a file.)

An implementation of this functionality would simplify handling of loaner assets "over the counter", and also facilitates self service stations for registering loan/return.


Delete project tasks

Thiago Passamani 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

Add the possibility to delete project tasks and add permission to the profiles.


Busines Rules: Add ID´s in list of criteria (itilcategories_id, locations_id, users_id)

CarlosM 8 years ago updated by Eduardo Spinola 2 years ago 2

Dear fellows,

I need create SLA rule for specific locations and categories, like this:

Criterion : Tickets Locations_ID IN (12, 455, 650, 660, 1200, 1300, 400, 1501)

Criterion : Tickets Categories_ID IN (45, 46, 47, 60, 61, 62, 63, 75, 74,76,77,90)

Actions : set Ticket Priority to High

Is possible?


automatic ticket transfer rule

klodnitsky 8 years ago 0

Here is a good feature

Business rule to transfer tickets between entities. (new action - move to entity...)



Assign license to a user

Megachip 6 years ago updated by gmbt 3 years ago 1

Any way to assign a (software) license to a user instead of the computer?

Most new license models (adobe, office etc) are user based, not (only) device based. 

These is a plugin:


but seems not maintained anymore. 

I think that functionality should be provided by the core itself.


Possibility to hide "Automatically generated by GLPI X.XX"

nicolas quiniou-briand 9 years ago updated by Sebastien 7 years ago 8
Message "Automatically generated by GLPI X.XX" should be hide in notifications configuration.

new searchtype REGEXP/RLIKE : match regular expression

yves tesniere 7 years ago updated by Curtis Conard 12 months ago 2

Actually searchtypedropdowns are  "contains, is, is not, less than, more than, under, not under"

in many case "match regular expression" would improve search and make selection criteria interface much easier.

select * from table where  field regexp SomeregularExpression


Prevent solve of ticket / change / problem when 'to do' tasks are existing

Tomolimo 8 years ago updated by Yustas 3 years ago 9


The idea is to prevent solving of items (Ticket, Change, Problem) when to do tasks are still existing.

Another way to say this is to permit solving of Tickets / Changes / Problems only when existing tasks are 'done' or 'information'.

We may show a message to inform Technicians that Ticket / Change / Problem cannot be solved as some tasks are still in 'to do' status.

Thank you,