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Improve booking

Pascal GUINET 8 years ago updated by glpi 3 years ago 2
We miss the following functions to booking form :
1/ User should be able to ask for a reservation by a simple form. He only add to choose a type of hardware, a begining and end date and a free field for comment. Helpdesk would after that attribute a specific material and validate that it is attributed to the user.
2/ We need a global view with the free/busy materiel at a specific date.
3/ We need a option to validate that user returned the materiel and an alerte when user did not return it passed the predicted date.

Monitoring satisfaction survey.

Rodrigo Morato Rodrigues 8 years ago updated by glpi 3 years ago 14
It would be great if I could monitor the responses of satisfaction surveys. For example, if a user score a ticket with less than three stars, an business rules for tickets could send an email to specific people (a quality sector, for example) so they could talk for this user..

Add Validation Status on Rules under Business Rules for Ticket

J-Mar Protacio 5 years ago updated by Ney Ramon 4 years ago 1

Hi GLPi Developer.

Good day.

Can you add a new features on GLPi under Rules -> Business Rules for Ticket. 

Please add new option (Validation Status if it is Refused or Granted. and also the Validation Percentage if it is 0% 50% or 100%) under Criterias so we add a new Workflow to seek for approval of the group managers before it proceed the ticket to ITService Delivery. I think this features will help all the GLPi user to enchance their Ticketing System. 

Thank you and God Bless.

Under review

Automatic location of a device when it is assigned to a user.

uknowx5 5 years ago updated by diego 4 years ago 11

I think there is no solution yet. but it would be very interesting that when assigning a device, the location of the user was automatically added to this device. if this user has this device, this device is in the location of this user. It would read the location of this user and auto-fill the location field of the device.



Integrate GLPI and Limesurvey

Integrate GLPI and Limesurvey to improve surveys o GLPI


"opening date" in extended form

Obscandoble 7 years ago 0

As we know, techicians have to open tickets sometimes, they have extended ticket form. When it opens, the "Opening date" is filled and contains the time when "create ticket" button was pressed.

And sometimes, filling the ticket may spend the time. So techincian have to correct the opening date field, otherwise the ticket can be overdued.

My offer is to add button "add with current time", which will correct time first then send ticket form to server/


Customers [Self-Service] Users to close their own ticket option due to customer-error/or they solved the case.

rcastillo 12 months ago 0

Customers [Self-Service User] should close their own ticket.

I would think they should have that ability. Many other helpdesk applications give that attribute since a customer can solve their own case due to user-error.

Thank you


Add Cable ID field when we link network ports

Emmanuel Brochu 5 years ago updated by Alexander Pucher 5 years ago 1

It will be nice to add a field named Cable ID when we link to network ports together. This is nice to have because in Datacenter cables management best practices, we need to identify each connected cables with a unique ID to help DC tech (remote hands) to spot the right cable.


one License to multiples softwares

Frederico Gendorf 5 years ago updated by WebGreg 3 years ago 5

Many software like Adobe software you pay one license to use a group of software, I think is a good option register multiples software with a same license like:

Adobe After Effects CC 2018
Adobe Bridge CC 2018
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018
Adobe Illustrator CC 2018
Adobe InDesign CC 2018

Actually I need register the same license to each software above...

Under review

Associate Contracts to Tickets

nrnogueira 5 years ago updated by Curtis Conard 4 days ago 8

I'd like to know if its possible to have a field on the Ticket body (even on the creation) that allows you to associate to a specific Contract from the Entity

The goal is to create and change the SLA of the ticket, based on the selected Contract.

Is this possible?

Best regards!