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Plugin reservation

ylagva 9 years ago updated by Fabrice 9 years ago 1
Integrate the features of plugin reservation in GLPI 0.90 to allow managing in / out of reservations.

Mentions feature

The Cake Itself 3 years ago updated by Curtis Conard 1 year ago 3


We're migrating off Jira, because Jira lacks asset management features. One supergood feature of Jira, even killer feature, are mentions. When you are filling a text form, you can write @UserName (this will be automatically filled in as you type) and when you push save, the user "UserName" will receive an email/Jira notification (whatever preference the user has).

It would be very awesome to have such feature in GLPI - be it tickets, wiki, FAQ. This speeds up communication by very large margin (although it not might look like it at the first sight).


ADD possibility to Open ticket when object has expired

Pablo Rodrigues 4 years ago updated by Arthur Schaefer 4 years ago 1

Add possibility to automaticaly open new ticket when a contract, certify, warranty or any objects with lifetime has expired or expiring 


Block edition of the ticket description made by the agents.

Eduardo Spinola 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

I request the blocking of the edition of the ticket texts made by the agents. Ticket text can be changed at any time without proper tracking. Ideally, changing the ticket description should be blocked or released only to the technician assigned to the ticket and that the changed text should be recorded in the ticket history.


Pouvoir envoyer un mail à des personnes différentes lors de l'expiration d'un contrat

Thomas Terrier 9 years ago updated by Junior 9 years ago 6

Actuellement, on ne peut paramétré qu'un destinataire (ou un groupe) qui recevra toutes les mails sur les alertes sur les fins de contrat.

L'idée est de pouvoir choisir quelle notification de mail envoyer pour chaque contrat ou chaque type de contrat. Ainsi, l'équipe réseau recevra les alertes pour les fins de contrat du réseau, l'équipe système recevra les mails qui le concernent.. ect. Tout le monde ne sera pas prévenu à chaque fois.

Under review

Quantify scheduled tasks done (linked to a contract) in order to invoice customers (entities).

Christophe Ferrandon 9 years ago updated by glpi 5 years ago 4
One great feature would be to quantify scheduled tasks done (linked to a contract) in order to invoice customers (entities).
Scheduled tasks time can be classified and calculated by category (i.e. Helpdesk, on site, transport ...) The durations of certain categories of tasks can be summed.
an even more wonderful feature would be an Odoo or Dolibarr ERP connector to avoid double data acquisition, no wasting time, fast, and error free billing.
The GLPI missing workflow.
Am I clear ?


Create a ticket from a problem

tyrone wyatt 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0

The option to create a problem from a ticket already exists.

The option to create a change from a problem already exists.

But no option to create a ticket from a problem.

Create a ticket from a problem would be very useful feature when logging repeat tickets of the same problem.

An example would be that the internet is down for all users, the hotliner or technician would need to follow complete the process to log new tickets:

Current process: Create a new ticket manually by entering the requester, category, title, description, submit and adding the ticket to the problem.

New process: Click click create a ticket from problem, enter requester and submit.

I have used the option in another service desk package in the past and this feature is a real time saver. This feature encourages all tickets to be logged by service desk operators and technicians.

A mock up of Create a ticket from a problem.

Image 37


Include the name field from the received emails of non-existent users on GLPI

Demetris Demetriou 2 years ago updated by Random488 1 year ago 2

If it's possible, it'll be helpfull to include the complete email form (Name-Surname<username@email..>) or just the NameSurname part into the received tickets for non-existent GLPI users

Under review

Handle of "other" Network Components (like TVs, IP Cameras, Network speaker)

Megachip 6 years ago updated by asdf 4 years ago 5

Whats the best Way to handle/inventory all these network components? 

They will be detected by FusionInventory but no asset category seems to matching. 

Also FI didn't support generic objects yet, so there is now way to move them from "unmanaged devices" to a self created asset type.

Thanks a lot for all ideas and suggestions


Mark fields as mandatory

Johan Cwiklinski 7 years ago updated by asdf 5 years ago 5

We can define unicity on some fields, but their value can still be empty.

On another hand, we may want to set some fields as mandatory; but without any unicity.

Maybe could we consider upgrading the unicity feature to a more generic "fields setup", with unicity and mantadory (at least). Such fields must be marke as required on the html side (using the "standard" * mark, and the relevant html attribute.