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Add more questions to survey

Ricardo Alexander Perez Ricard 7 years ago updated by Yannick 7 years ago 3

Improbe surveys with more questions about of services, etc.


Language by Entity - Define language by entity with more relevant is user language, second is Entity and the last is GLPI Default Language

Gambware 7 years ago 0

Language by Entity - Define language by entity with more relevant is user language, second is Entity and the last is GLPI Default Language

This will be helpfull for who use GLPI with Anonymous Ticket. When tickets came from specific e-mail address the rule move to specific Entity so the e-mails notifications will be sent following the language of the entity and not from GLPI Default language.


Template for Problems

Albert 8 years ago updated by Curtis Conard 1 year ago 3

Firstly, thank you for this amazing application.

Please add a template option for 'Problems'. It would be so helpful.


Add markdown support in tickets

Alvaro Martin 8 years ago updated by drosera 3 years ago 2

Markdown support enables a better communications among the interested parties for:

  • Code snippets
  • Images (screenshots)

Also it is faster than the WYSIWYG solution field.

Markdown should be supported in:

  • Ticket description
  • Ticket solution
  • Ticket followups

Under review

Sync agenda, tasks, dates with Google Calendar

Juan Fernando Villa Hernández 9 years ago updated by Becky Jones 3 years ago 3

Enable the possibility to sync the dates in the diferent options with google calendar.

Under review

Gestion des Cartes SIM et association aux téléphones

Simon 6 years ago updated by glpi 6 years ago 1


J'ai vu différent post concernant la gestion des cartes SIM mais je trouve ça vraiment complexe.

Pour ne pas simplement créer toutes les entrées liées aux cartes SIM dans Configuration/Composants/Carte SIM

Il n'y aurait qu'à créer une nouvelle entrée via le bouton +, et de renseigner directement code PIN1, PIN2, PUK1, PUK2, N° téléphone etc. Puis de l'associer au téléphone souhaité. 

Actuellement, je ne comprend pas pourquoi il faut d'abord créer un template, pour ensuite ajouter des cartes SIM dans Éléments ?

De plus je ne vois pas non plus l'utilité de créer une "ligne" pour chaque SIM étant donné qu'un N° est directement lié à une carte SIM. 

Under review

picture for hardware

Yannick 7 years ago updated by Curtis Conard 1 year ago 5


It would be useful to add a picture associated with model and display it in computers / network / device / phones

A new setup / pictures / 

Add a new picture

Select model associated

Image 106


Beta release for minor builds

tyrone wyatt 8 years ago updated by glpi 7 years ago 5

New major builds have multiple release candidates and beta releases in a attempt to minimise bugs before the stable build is released.

Minor builds on the other hand don't have beta releases and often introduce new bugs.

Can you release a beta release of minor builds a few weeks before the stable build is released?

Myself and other non developers in the GLPI community would be happy to setup a staging site to test compatibility and look for new bugs.


GLPI alerts of not resolved tickets

klodnitsky 8 years ago 0

Notification about not resolved tickets from some entity will sends not to some profile/group/etc., but to the person(technician’s), who are mentioned in ticket, like an assigned to, or to entity/group administrator. And only those tickets, which already due date expired.


A new status called Reopened tickets

shyam soundar 8 years ago updated by Nelly Mahu-Lasson 8 years ago 7

It would be nice if we have a new ticket status called reopened for all reopen tickets