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Add the posibility to choose a Theme and change Logo, Colors and Look and Feel

Please add option: Theme or Template and enable the posibility to change colors, look and feel and logos and images.

NoMachine NX Remote Desktop Integration with GLPI

Ricardo Alexander Perez Ricard 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 0

Integrate GLPI with No Machine NX Remote Destokp, a real alternative to Teamviewer:


NoMachine NX is an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, desktop virtualization, and hosted desktop deployment built around the self-designed and self-developed NX suite of components. Thanks to its outstanding compression, session resilience and resource management and its integration with the powerful audio, printing and resource sharing capabilities of the Unix world, NX makes it possible to run any graphical application on any operating system across any networkconnection.

NX is SSH encrypted, has random cookie generation, and is compressed for speed. Free version is available to everyone, and enterprise and server editions are available at cost.


add integration with authectincation with google authectication (2FA)

Faizal Rizkan 10 months ago updated by Random488 4 months ago 2

GLPI is very good if you add 2fa google features and more on login page


PDU / PSU enhancements

Juge 5 years ago updated by NOSJulien 8 months ago 5

The datacenter / rack view of 9.3 is really great, but I would suggest some enhancements regarding the power and PDU management:
For what I experience, the relation is as following:

Wall Power Outlet(s) <---> PDU Inlet(s) | PDU Outlet(s) <---> PSU Inlets (Power Supply Inlet(s) of Computers/Monitors/Network Devices, etc.

Currently there seems to be no connection between the Rack PDUs and Equipment PSU possible.

So here my ideas:

Create types Inlets and Outles, add them to PDU/PSU types and make connections between them possible: this should be roughly equivalent to the network 'Ethernet port' type.

And some minor other issues with the current implementation:

1) Plug = Outlet? And what does the 'Number' characteristic of a PDU plug mean?

2) It is not possible to add external links to PDUs


Enable Single Sing On with Red Hat Single Sing On

Ricardo Alexander Perez Ricard 7 years ago updated by Walid Nouh 7 years ago 1

Enable Single Sign On, OAuth 2, SAML, Open ID, Social Login with:

Single Sign On

Red Hat Single Sign On

Single-Sign On

Login once to multiple applications

Standard Protocols

OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0

Centralized Management

For admins and users


Secure applications and services easily

LDAP and Active Directory

Connect to existing user directories

Social Login

Easily enable social login

Identity Brokering

OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 IdPs

High Performance

Lightweight, fast and scalable


For scalability and availability


Customize look and feel


Customize through code

Password Policies

Customize password policies


E-Signature with pki.js and mozilla pdf.js

Ricardo Alexander Perez Ricard 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 1



PKIjs is a pure JavaScript library implementing the formats that are used in PKI applications (signing, encryption, certificate requests, OCSP and TSP requests/responses). It is built on WebCrypto (Web Cryptography API) and requires no plug-ins.

Some examples:


Signature verification and PDF sign example:




A general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering PDFs.


We have implemented both signing and signature verification of PDFs in browser using https://pkijs, you can see an early signature verification demo here: https://pkijs.org/examples/PDFexample.html we have not yet integrated with PDFjs but will be doing that in the not so distant future. Our intention is to release most of this as OSS and give back any changes to PDFjs that are necessary to make integration smooth.


Add solution author tag to notification templates

Sheldon Harris 7 years ago 0

Create a new notification template tag for the solution author that shows up in the Processing Timeline.


Active Directory Fields Synchronization

Rodrigo Morato Rodrigues 8 years ago updated by Alexander O 9 months ago 4

I appreciate it very much if there are more users fields of options to synchronize with the existing information in Active Directory in "Setup->Authentication->LDAP Directorys->MY AD CONFIGURATION>Users", combined with Administrations-> Users.

For example:

In "Administrations->Users->MY USER FROM AD->User", there is the "LOCATION" field, but in "Setup->Authentication->LDAP Directorys->MY AD CONFIGURATION->Users", there is no field with this option so I can sync from AD this information.

Thus, other options that would be important to sync with AD:

Name in AD




















Image 27

Image 29


Multiple conversations in a ticket

finalbeta 4 years ago updated by Bruno Silva 2 years ago 1

Let's say someone creates a ticket in our system. We may need to be contact 3th parties for the ticket. We perhaps would contact someone else (his boss, a supplier) through mail. In GLPI you have to do that through other means, and log the result in GLPI once done. 

The problem with this is that it's much harder to have teams working on a ticket, as some info is handled outside the ticket. 

GLPI could allow the agent to pick a user to send a mail to. (This mail could be marked as private even by adding something to the mail, that way a reply would be private too). 

This is something that is handled for example in OTRS in a very good way. 


simcard management improvement

bertrand keller 5 years ago updated by SIB 3 years ago 2


Please simplify simcards management !

it's great that simcard was integrate to the 9.2 core but i not sure that simcard must be a component. The new management is more complicate that the plugin was...